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Hiya, I'm Ross

If you're looking for a six-fingered man, Sith lord, nameless evil wizard or anyone else you might seek vengeance against for your father's death then you're (hopefully) in the wrong place... If you're after a good book though, read on...

If you're here, you've probably bumped into me on Twitter, or Facebook. If not and you've searched me out, that probably means I'm now famous. Awesome. Or you're trying to sell me a PPI rebate. Not Awesome.

So what do I do?
Good question. I often have to remind myself of that in the morning.

I write books.

Well, that's what I started doing 20 years ago when I was still at school. Four chapters in, the hard drive crashed in the era before back-ups were even invented, let alone ignored, and I was so annoyed I kinda dropped the whole thing.


As time went by and I developed other skills and did other things, the ideas in the back of my mind continued to grow and - after a couple more abortive attempts to convince myself to write - it came down to one realisation:

If I died tomorrow, my biggest regret would be I never wrote my first book.

Stormtear Falls fantasy book cover
So now I write books. And market them. And distribute them. And sell them. And merchandise them. And always try to avoid starting a sentence with 'and'.

Of course, those statement are only true once I actually finish writing the first one! Then I just need to write the next 9 or 10, and maybe direct the film adaptations and achieve the ultimate accolade: immortalisation in Lego.

What I don't do any more

  • Computational nanotechnology
  • Artexing
  • Green blogging
  • Sports marketing
  • Battle computer game addiction

3. My daughter wants
more chocolate.

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